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We are led by a team of Investment Partners averaging 20 years with the firm, augmented by a group of dedicated, full-time Operating Partners averaging over 10 years with the firm. We are proud of our apprenticeship model: all of Kohlberg’s Investment Partners have spent the vast majority of their professional career at Kohlberg. Our investment team is supported by highly talented and experienced finance and operations professionals.

Samuel P. Frieder

Managing Partner

Gordon H. Woodward

Partner, Chief Investment Officer

Andrew P. Bonanno

Partner, Business Development

Shant Mardirossian

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Jean Roberts


Ahmed Wahla


Ted Jeon


David A. Lorch


Albert E. Scheer

Director of Credit Opportunities

Bartlett Harwood IV

Vice President

Benjamin Yu

Senior Associate

Yawer A. Amin


Zack Bartee


William W. Choi


Thomas K. Jung


Chris McKinney


Jenny Park


Scott M. Birnbaum

Operating Partner

James M. Better

Operating Partner

Robert A. Cucuel, Jr.

Operating Partner

George B. DeHuff III

Operating Partner

Robert G. Isaman

Operating Partner

Joseph C. Lawler

Operating Partner

Roger M. Prevot

Operating Partner

Michael R. Quinn

Operating Partner

Jonathan P. Ward

Operating Partner

James D. Wiggins

Operating Partner

Melody Lai Finkelstein

Head of Research

Lauren McDonough

Director of Investor Relations

Mary-Ann Sievert

Investor Relations Coordinator

Ignatius Agnello

Fund Controller

Alissa Belcastro

Compliance Associate

Nicholas Garuccio

Director of Valuations and Portfolio Initiatives

Daniel S. Gewanter

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Kerry Ikone

Director of Accounting

Sandi Jonke

Assistant Controller

Sung Hee Kim-Kastner

Director of Compliance

Eugene Mesky

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Mark Nappi

Chief Financial Officer

Moira O’Reilly

Director of Technology and Office Services

Joseph-Pierre Regent

Vice President of Finance

Amy Stern

Director of Tax

Jody Calderon

Administrative Assistant

Jeanne Manecky

Administrative Assistant

Christine Molloy

Administrative Assistant

Danielle Palumbo

Administrative Assistant

Edit Tatar

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Taylor

Administrative Assistant

Lauren Wysmuller

Administrative Assistant