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We are led by a team of Investment Partners averaging 20 years with the firm, augmented by a group of dedicated, full-time Operating Partners averaging over 10 years with the firm. We are proud of our apprenticeship model: all of Kohlberg’s Investment Partners have spent the vast majority of their professional career at Kohlberg. Our investment team is supported by highly talented and experienced finance and operations professionals.

Samuel P. Frieder

Managing Partner

Gordon H. Woodward

Partner, Chief Investment Officer

Christopher W. Anderson

Partner, Pharmaceutical/Medical Products & Services Practice Lead

Eric Bilmes

Partner, Credit & Structured Equity

Andrew P. Bonanno

Partner, Business Development

Jessica Hoffman Brennan

Partner, Strategy & Investor Relations

Seth H. Hollander

Partner, Financial & Compliance Services Practice Lead

Benjamin J. Mao

Partner, Infrastructure Services Practice Lead

Shant Mardirossian

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Jean Roberts

Partner, Food & Consumer Practice Lead

Albert E. Scheer

Partner, Head of Credit and Capital Markets

Ahmed Wahla

Partner, Business Services Practice Lead

Evan Wildstein

Partner, Healthcare Services Practice Lead

Benjamin Yu


Brady Delaney

Managing Director, Talent

Whitney Hanson

Managing Director

Greg Kamford

Managing Director, Business Development

Sanaz Raczynski

Managing Director, Sustainability

Thomas K. Jung

Director, Portfolio Company Initiatives

Daniel Slutsky

Director, Structured Equity

Jordan Hill

Director, Credit

Chris Dale

Vice President

Kristie Kalenka

Vice President

Chris McKinney

Vice President

Aka Akapelwa

Senior Associate

Cady Burke

Senior Associate

Paige Caridi

Senior Associate

Amanda Chang

Senior Associate, ESG

Mikaila DeGraw

Associate, Talent

Megan Downey

Senior Associate

Mitch Kimball

Senior Associate, Credit

Jenny Kreps

Senior Associate

Richard Peteka

Senior Associate, Credit

John Downey


Grant Goddard


Rouzi Guo


Freddie Johnson


Catherine Kang

Associate, Credit

Jay Mackie


Morgan Taylor


Simon Usuga


Jack Wilson


James M. Better

Coordinating Operating Partner

Scott M. Birnbaum

Operating Partner

Ron Childress

Operating Partner

Robert A. Cucuel, Jr.

Operating Partner

Clark Hale

Operating Partner

Matthew J. Jennings

Operating Partner

Roger M. Prevot

Operating Partner

Michael R. Quinn

Operating Partner

Andrea Simone

IT Operating Executive

Jennifer Steeves-Kiss

Digital Transformation Operating Executive

Eric R. Sweitzer

CFO Advisor

Jonathan P. Ward

Operating Partner

Julia Bartley

Associate, Investor Relations

Sasha Cáceres

Investor Relations Coordinator

Marina Chalik

Vice President, Investor Services

Ash Jaidev

Director, Investor Relations

Aleksandra (“Sasha”) Kim

Associate, Marketing & Events

Nick Kono

Vice President, Investor Relations

Elizabeth (“Lily”) MacGregor

Vice President, Investor Relations

Lauren Noe

Associate, Investor Relations

Alissa M. Belcastro

Vice President, Legal Operations

Christian Ralph Buonamassa, CPA

Associate Controller, Funds

Emily Fett

Director of Tax

Daniel S. Gewanter

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Christopher Gilson

Fund Controller

Todd Honczarenko

Desktop Support Engineer

Kerry Ikone

Director, HR and Administration

Julia Kim

Director, Funds

Sung Hee Kim-Kastner

Director, Compliance

Ewelina Meczkowska

Director, Management Company

Moira O’Reilly

Chief Technology Officer

Jessica Preiser

Associate General Counsel

Joseph-Pierre Regent

Chief Financial Officer

Jesse J. Salver

Tax Associate

Sandi Scott

Controller, Management Company

Renaud Vidick

Vice President, Valuations and Fund Operations

Chris Zale

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Idelie Adamiak

Administrative Assistant

Cherin V. Capobianco

Office Manager & Receptionist

Jody Calderon

Executive Assistant

Mary Beth Keller

Executive Assistant

Jeanne Manecky

Executive Assistant

Amy Maser

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Christine Molloy

Administrative Assistant

Danielle Palermo

Executive Assistant

Valeria Pérez

Executive Assistant

Lauren Wysmuller

Executive Assistant